Incorporating the Business of M.L. Farrar P/L, Queensland Horticulture P/L, Horizon Seed P/L

New South Wales Office
PO Box 1046, Bomaderry, NSW 2541
Ph: 61 2 4421 7966, Fax: 61 2 4421 0051
Queensland Office
PO Box 595, Cleveland Qld 4163
Ph: 61 7 3821 0745, Fax: 61 7 3821 0746

Take a look at our New Catalogue & Price List below. Click seed types A to Z for a comprehensive listing including Use, Planting Time & Yield Potential. (Clicking on items in the index below brings up a new page)

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They guys from AustraHort provided us some excellent advice for getting our garden sorted. Really happy with the service.

-- Mark Loats - Simple 1300 Numbers.
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Thankyou for visiting the website of AustraHort and
M.L. Farrar Pty Limited.

AustraHort Pty. Limited, results from the merger of two companies, M.L. Farrar and Queensland Horticulture Pty Ltd., both companies dedicated to excellence in their respective fields of global marketing and broad scale field collection and seed processing.

Services offered by AustraHort
* Field seed collection Native Tree/Shrub, Palm and Grasses & Exotic Ornamentals.
* Worldwide commercial trading of seed.
* Nursery sales Australia-wide including bedding/flower and herbs.

We encourage enquiry from all sectors of the Horticulture industry. We are specialists in global trade and have styled our home garden or private sector trade, to packet sales of US $5 denominations plus postage at cost.

The seed list which follows represents the principal species of commercial usage. We will also attempt to source seeds not normally available, assuming the enquiry is of commercial proportions. We anticipate strong interest from home gardeners, keen to experiment with the many exotic plants to be found in our listing.

Please now move on to our world wide range of plant material. We recommend a visit to our photo gallery representing an indicative sample of this exciting selection of seeds

Native Grass and Legume Seed | Herb Seed | Palm Seeds | Exotic Grass Seed | Native/Ornamental Seed A - L | Native/Ornamental Seed M - Z | Flower Seed | Key to Flower Symbols | How to Order | Photo Gallery

How to Order - simply click on email, go to the page/s that contain what you wish to buy and either copy and paste the seed type/s or type them in the email form along with quantity/s, payment details and your name, address, phone and fax numbers and any other information you require.
You can also fax us these details via the fax numbers at the top of the page.

Guide to Price Structure.

Have a look at our photo gallery of some of the flowers of the plants listed in this catalogue.
Acacia Baileyana | Acacia Fimbriata | Acacia Longifolia | Acacia Sophorae | Banksia Ericifolia | Banksia Integrifolia | Banksia Spinulosa | Callistemon Citrinus | Callistemon Rigidus | Callistemon Rugulosus | Callistemon | Carporbrotus Glaucescens | Ceratopetalum Gummiferum | Eucalyptus Ficifolia | Eucalyptus Sideroxylon | Gazania | Grevillea Pteridifolia | Leptospermum Scoparium v Rotundifolium | Leptospermum Laevigatum | Telopea Speciosissima | Bush scene

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Guide to Price Structure.

Business Terms and Conditions of Sale

For home gardener packets, sales of US$5 denominations. Prepayment is required at all times. We accept Master and Visa cards and Bankcard within Australia. When ordering seeds, please advise name of card holder, expiry date and card number. Email enquiries will be responded to daily, thus before concluding your transaction, you will be aware of all costs to the point of delivery.

Industry Terms and Conditions

All our phone systems and 1300 numbers are managed by Simple Telecom. To get support for these visit their website at

Pricing - the following formula applies to sales by weight:

Unless listed as sale unit of 10 grams, sales in this denomination will be at half the 25 gram rate.

Sales of 25 - 249 grams charged at 25 gram rate.

Sales of 250 grams and above charged at kilogram rate.

Sales by count:

1,000 - 9,999 seeds charged at 1000 rate.

10,000 - 50,000 seeds charged at 10,000 rate.

Quantities above subject to negotiation.

Phytosanitary Certification: where required, certificates will be supplied at cost.

Stocks: The bulk of our seed is available at any one time. For optimum viability, perishable seeds are sold only at the time of collection, seeds are stored in atmosphere controlled cool rooms.

Edible seeds: Reference to edible seeds expressly excludes the seed as sold for propagation.

Seedlings: We offer bulk quantities of bare rooted Araucaria heterophyla (Norfolk Island Pine) and Howea forsteriana (Kentia) seedlings produced in our own nursery - please enquire for further details.


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